Eats at a fast food restaurant Cleans up after himself even though its not “his job”

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Little Girl Giving Her Pet Chicken A Makeover Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

People can’t get enough of this little girl combing and talking to her pet chicken, Mango, as she gives it a makeover. Seriously, the original video showing this girl has been viewed over 6.5 million times, and a repost of the video was viewed over 17 million times. According to BuzzFeed, the girl’s mother, who … Read More

Not sure if about to lose argument or just a douche.

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Kitten Thinks Of Nothing But Murder…

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Bad Luck Brian

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Quantum Levitating Toy Train

Back in 2011, Scientists at Tel Aviv University discovered how to levitate an object in what they called Quantum Levitation. There have been many entertaining applications of this technology since, but this new clip is worthy of attention. A Japanese scientist demonstrates what happens when you mix quantum levitation and model trains. You get a levitating toy … Read More

Haha. Pat Sajak Is In Such Disbelief Over This Solved Puzzle He Has To Pat The Guy Down

This was awesome. Can’t believe he pulled that one off myself! Read more:

One Of These People Is Regarded As One Of The Most

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High Expectations Asian Father

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Power outage leaves Union Station commuters in the dark!/wmata/status/349669220289753091 Commuters at Washington, D.C.’s Union Station tonight found themselves in darkness as the lights went out. The trains kept running, but passengers found themselves waiting with just enough light to take some eerie photos.!/pdoocy/status/349677004850860033!/mrkisiele614/status/349670226566197248!/MrMigFranco/status/349678599730786304!/kenhdcgov/status/349685218120171524 Is there anyone in D.C. who can do something about the crumbling infrastructure? Read more:

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